AIR announces new hurricane modeling

Warm summer breezes remind us in the insurance world that conditions ripen for tropical storms and hurricanes.  Hurricanes damage so much property over such large areas that forecasting the damage for all the landfall possibilities is important.  Having accurate tools for estimating costs that the industry can expect during hurricane season can make or break an insurance company.  Good data and accurate modeling are critical.

AIR Worldwide is one of the top modeling companies in the world, and they just announced the next generation model.  These are enormously complex models that take into consideration wind estimates, construction types (e.g. frame vs. masonry or steel), new building codes in vulnerable areas and other variables.  For more, visit AIR’s recent press release on the issue.

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Preparing for a Hurricane

Hurricanes that make it up the east coast tend to be either fast and furious, or they run out of energy before they reach our shores.

Hurricanes require warm water to sustain their energy.  If they are slow moving, the cooler water from New Jersey and north will take a big bite out of their strength.  But it isn’t the weakened tropical storms that residents really need to fear.  It’s the fast moving storms that come to the coast full speed, with full force.

A storm that whistles past North Carolina can be in New York 8 hours later, and in Boston 3-4 hours after that.  And these are the storms that can make real preparation the difference between life and death.

The norotious “Long Island Express” of 1938 was one such storm.  That storm caused 700 deaths, destroyed 4,500 homes, and knocked down 20,000 miles of electrical and telephone lines.  Be prepared for such a storm. 

Visit FEMA’s site on Hurricanes for more, and click on the links there for a family preparation checklist…

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